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Balance of Competences

The Balance of competences and needs of Krakow scientific centre is a long-term project, started in 2012. The aim of the Balance is to create favourable conditions for cooperation between science and business, contributing to better exploit of the potential of Krakow universities and support the growth of innovativeness of business.

Reports prepared under the "Balance of competences..." include: knowledge, skills, abilities and other important attributes mentioned by the selected employers in the surveyed industries. Therefore the reports should effectively facilitate a closer tailoring of university syllabuses to actual and future business requirements within the sector. Reports can also be used by individuals, especially young people starting studies as a source of knowledge about the demand on competences within Krakow labour market now and in the future.

Subsequent editions of the reports within the Balance of competences for selected industries are available after selecting the menu on the right.

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Osoba publikująca: Dagmara Bobrowska-Dziduszko
Podmiot publikujący: Biznes w Krakowie
Data publikacji: 2020-03-11
Data aktualizacji: 2022-06-14